Monday, September 8, 2008

High Heels

So I did it! I bought some flats. I have been asked many times since I found out I was expecting what I am I going to do about shoes since I love high heels. But since we do have some weddings coming up that are going to be long coverages I thought it was time to buy some flats. I still believe that heels help in making the bum look less like a bean bag but we must sacrifice right.


Krystaly and Matt said...

Of course, you're pregnant and the one thing you're worried about is how your bum will look in flats!! :) I love it, that is so you.


Tom & Emily said...

I'm afraid for both our sakes... that the bum is going to be the least of our worries! Stretching, sagging and so many other beautiful body traits are on our horizon. Love Ya!

-KJ said...

Hey, at least their "in" right now! Just wait till you have to get support hose! Hahaha! The joys of having a career that requires standing.

I can't wait for the post for after baby comes. We love when our bellies feel like bread dough. Sigh. Don't worry, you snap out of it! YOU ARE GORGEOUS!

Emilie and Branden said...

A nice wedge heel might make you feel better :)

You're so funny. I want you.

The Thelins said...

I'm so excited you decided to blog! Welcome to the addiction... I'm so so so happy for you guys, and don't worry- even a baby won't make your butt look saggy! You're one foxy lady. I'm in town still, so can we please get together and celebrate? Love you guys and baby Oh and "ditto" o the wedge. It's cheating a little, but it still makes you feel pretty

JENNIE! said...

Yeah Candace! So excited to keep track of you better :)
You are going to be the most beautiful mommy ever!