Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Contents of the baby package

Well one of my sisters couldn't sleep the night I called to tell her I was pregnant so she decided to spend that sleepless hours shopping for the little one. We don't know yet of course if its a boy or a girl, so she bought some of each. I personally love the man shirt leotard and the " I am Kind of a Big Deal" shirt. Rob and I where crackin up. And of course you can never go wrong with little girl clothes!!


Ps I am due May 4th , my first appt is next week so I will keep you posted.


Megan said...


Just found your blog through Jennie's and I am SO excited for you both. I am literally bursting for you guys. We need to get together. Love ya.


Tara Maxfield said...

Too cute. I bet there are a lot of people just waiting to spoil this little one. Congra

Sarah&Cam said...

Cand!!! We are so excited for you and Rob!! This is so amazing! I almost cried when Denise told me!! We love you guys! I'm so glad you have a blog so I can stay updated on everything!!

-KJ said...

OK, I will just make sure to buy 6T because you are going to have truck loads of baby clothes!

Kerry Hogle said...

Congratulations we are excited for you!

Jek said...

And to think i still haven't called you. Blog about your worst friend, ME. I can't wait to read your blog EVERYday!!!! i am so happy for you both!!!!! Love you!!