Sunday, February 8, 2009


Today Rob and I had the opportunity to speak in sacrament. It is always such a great learning experience.  So our topic was charity and it brought many tender memories of my life into view. A few years ago we had a surprise birthday party for my father. We decided to do just adults and have a night where everyone could enjoy each others company and have a nice dinner (we will be having my parents 32nd grandchild)... So there we where in the veranda at the Four Seasons and we all went around the table to told our favorite memory of our dad.  Many of the stories I had never heard before as my dad is not much of a boaster about service her renders.  The story that came to me when it was my turn to share was about the day he met Rob.  My parents where coming up to Utah to visit and I was excited for them to meet my new found hospital hunk, haha.  Rob was really nervous and told me "what would you be thinking if your daughter wanted you to meet her boyfriend who she had met in the hospital, had a diagnosis that he would never walk. He is going to think he will have to support us for the rest of our lives." We had a great laugh but it didn't take off the full edge of the hesitation Rob was feeling. My dad came into his room and we had a great chat, he asked if he could offer a prayer before leaving and then asked me if I would walk him to the car. When we arrived in the parking lot I asked him what he thought, thru tear filled eyes he said, "if the Lord saved some one as wonderful as that for you, you are a mighty lucky girl." I believe that because my father views others thru the lens of charity (pure love) that he could see Rob as the stalwart spiritual giant that he is and recognized how wonderful he would be for me. Another gift of charity that was told that evening was from my brother in law Doug. My oldest sister Michelle past away in 1988 in a car accident with her son and she was pregnant. It was devastating to all of us to loose the 3 of them. My brother in law and niece (Krystaly) came to live with us shortly after the funeral and I always loved having a little sister added to the bunch. We loved having Doug and Krystaly around and it seemed so natural to have them in our home, I never wondered until I was older how it was decided for them to come and live with us. Doug told the story that night of coming home after the funeral and looking around their duplex apartment in provo with Krystaly at his side, overwhelmed by the task ahead and wondering how he would get thru this season of his life. He said he heard a knock at the door and when he opened it my father was standing there with a uhaul behind him and said, "Son, I've come to move you home." 
So tonight as I think of the wonderful examples of charity in my life these are a few stories that I would want to emulate. 
I love you all!