Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mother Mary and her sweet sewing skills

My mother Mary is the best! She is a cross between Mother Teresa and Mary Poppins. She is such an inspiration to me of happiness and a love for Motherhood! She made the dress and bonnet for Sienna's blessing and my father joked that she hadn't quite hit the 70 hour mark. Lots of hard work and love as usual from sweet Mary. Thanks Mom! You are the greatest!


Lindsay said...

LOVE these announcements Candace! That outfit is to die for! I think you asked us for our new address recently, it's 9112 Frosty Morning, 89129. Can't wait to see this in person!

-KJ said...

It is so gorgeous! I died when I got the announcement. I love that little face of hers. She looks EXACTLY like you!
Sorry I never called you back. I am a total loser. I listened to the message and then got busy and spaced it. I WILL CALL!