Tuesday, July 14, 2009



Jek said...


Andrew and Heidi said...

It's great to see more pictures of Sienna - an absolute angel of course! I'm sad we were out of town when you blessed her.

holly said...

Thanks for sending me Sienna's announcement. It is so cute and Sienna is beautiful!!

Marian Vance said...

Rob and Candace, Such a beautiful little girl, your Sienna, I was out of town for your shower and was sad to miss it. We have had a lot of excitement in our own lives, and keep busier than we want to, but love all the joy the family gives us.
Just want you to know we love you and are so grateful your dream for children has been realized. You all look perfect together. Love is what this great big life is all about, and you have been richly blessed.
Love always,
Marian and Bob Vance

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